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Security for Los Alamos
and the nation

Supporting the National Security Mission

The National Security Office (NSO) supports the Laboratory Director and senior management in our national security mission by developing and articulating national security strategies and providing policy and program analysis and advice to enable informed decisions about the strategic direction of our national security and science programs.

Working with National, International Experts

In its work, NSO is part office and part network. Working with the national security and science program directorates, the office monitors the national security technical and policy environment and engages relevant organizations, such as the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of State, as well as appropriate academic and non-governmental communities, and maintains a window to the external world by sustaining relationships with outside experts and organizations working in national and international security.

Serving the Laboratory

NSO also serves the following functions:

  • Develops institutional papers, conducts analytical studies, and sponsors workshops and conferences related to national security matters.
  • Manages the Change of Station (COS) and Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) program for placing staff in external assignments to support our national security mission
  • Oversees the Director’s Classified Colloquium series, which presents distinguished speakers on topics of interest to the national security community.


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