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NMT Division Science and Technology Assessment a Success

The University of California's contract with DOE requires that the Laboratory perform an annual science and technology assessment. In fiscal year 1994, each technical division and program office was required to perform such an assessment. NMT Division performed its self-assessment in the three-month period between April and June of this year. The Division prepared a report of this work and submitted it to the External Review Committee (which reports to the Laboratory Director) to assist their assessment. This report and the Committee's report will be integrated into the final Laboratory report submitted to the University of California.

The NMT Division Science and Technology Assessment, formerly called a Division Review, was conducted October 24-26, 1994, at the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center. The first day of the assessment was devoted to ERC orientation and a tour of the Plutonium Facility. The second and third days were devoted to technical presentations and poster sessions. This year's review theme was "Pollution Prevention Technologies for Plutonium Processing." A dozen technical presentations and approximately two dozen poster presentations highlighted a broad range of the Division's significant scientific and technical activities during the past year to two years.

Deputy Laboratory Director Jim Jackson reports, "I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate you and your division for doing an excellent job with your Science and Technology Assessment. The External Review Committee was very complimentary of your presentations. They thought the quality of your technical work was excellent." The proceedings of this year's review presentations have been published in two documents (LACP-94-213 and LALP-93-92).

For further information, contact K. K. S. Pillay at (505) 667-5428.

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