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Introducing The Actinide Research Quarterly

Bruce Matthews, Director of NMT Division

My first year as Division Director has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Although the Division has faced many challenges, I am gratified by the "can do" attitude our personnel continually exhibit. The foundation of NMT Division's science and technology excellence is our capabilities of actinide process chemistry, plutonium metallurgy, surface and separation sciences, actinide ceramics, actinide characterization and analysis, and manufacturing technologies. This new periodical is aimed at communicating NMT's technical progress to TA-55 workers, to peers at Los Alamos, and to customers.

Our latest NMT Division Science and Technology Assessment, just completed in October, is proof of the enormous scientific and technological resources within our division. Several examples from the Division Review are highlighted in this issue.

K.C. Kim, NMT's chief scientist, has agreed to coordinate and edit The Actinide Research Quarterly. I encourage all NMT employees to contribute news items, recent publication titles, and any other materials that will keep our publication informative and interesting.

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