Third Plutonium Futures Conference Set for July 2003 in Albuquerque

The next Plutonium Futures Conference is scheduled for the summer of 2003 in Albuquerque at the Marriott Hotel. The conference, the third in a series, is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory, in cooperation with the American Nuclear Society.

In 2000, the Plutonium Futures Conference hosted more than 400 visitors from 15 countries. The conferences, held every three years, provide an international forum for presentation and discussion of current research on physical and chemical properties and environmental interactions of plutonium and other actinide elements.

A number of issues surrounding plutonium and other actinides deserve and receive significant national and international attention, including the safe storage and long-term management of surplus weapons materials and the management of large inventories of actinides from civilian nuclear-power generation. The technical basis for addressing these issues requires intensive and increasing understanding of the underlying plutonium and actinide science and technology.

Scientists, engineers, and university students throughout the world, as well as the national laboratories and the Department of Energy's nuclear complex, are expected and encouraged to participate and make technical contributions.

A second announcement and call for papers will be issued this summer. To sign up to receive more information, visit the website at, or contact Kathy DeLucas at, (505) 665-3618.

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