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PADGS  Nuclear Nonproliferation, N


  • Group Leader
    Richard Wallace
  • Deputy Group Leader
    Stacey Eaton
  • Office Administrator
    Jean Knowlton
  • Group Office
    (505) 667-7777

Next Generation Safeguards Initiative
Human Capital Development Workshop
August 10-13, Santa Fe and Los Alamos, N.M.

University Collaborations for Safeguards Education
LANL and Texas A&M University are hosting a faculty workshop August 10-13, 2009. The goal of the conference is to inform university faculty nationwide about NNSA and national laboratory programs to strengthen nuclear safeguards education and to gather academic perspectives to improve the effectiveness of those programs. An exceptionally strong cadre of nuclear security specialists and university instructors will work together to develop course materials and assess learning tools for this vital area of study.

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