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  • Group Leader
    Richard Wallace
  • Deputy Group Leader
    Stacey Eaton
  • Office Administrator
    Jean Knowlton
  • Group Office
    (505) 667-7777
Safeguards and Security Systems Group

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The Safeguards and Security Systems Group (N-4) leads the development and integration of safeguards systems, security technologies, and safeguards hardware and software solutions. N-4 provides important technical support to the US government's threat assessment and mitigation efforts, focusing on the complex interplay between technology and policy. N-4 provides services to customers from the international community as well as to the US government.

Group expertise is applied to the following programmatic areas:

  • Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) & Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) safeguards systems analysis
  • Integrated safeguards systems assessment and design
  • IAEA safeguards enhancements and training
  • Nonproliferation Policy consultation
  • MC&A modernization, analysis, implementation, and training
  • Security technology development (modern inventory controls integrated with multiple sensor/alarm platforms)
  • Software & hardware development & integration for safeguards systems
  • Information management and dissemination- collaborative tools (websites, databases, applications) that support safeguards and nonproliferation programs

N-4 draws on a variety of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, statistics, nuclear engineering, mathematics, computer science, and international relations. In addition to our resident capabilities, we bring together expertise from across the Lab to address national security issues.

To accomplish its goals, N-4 maintains a broad expertise in nuclear materials process chemistry; facility operations; systems analysis; simulation and modeling; computer-assisted information analysis; software development; as well as national security policy issues pertaining to fissile material management, nuclear weapons reductions, and arms control for weapons of mass destruction. Our broad capabilities enable us to determine how technologies and strategies can counter major national security threats.

Safeguards and Security Systems Group


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