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  • Group Leader
    Julie Canepa
  • Deputy Group Leader (Acting)
    Michelle E. Silva
  • Office Administrator
    Debbie I. Jaramillo
  • Group Office
    (505) 667-3535
International Threat Reduction Group


The International Threat Reduction Group (N-3) formed within the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division (N) in October 2007 to better serve the mission execution needs of several key NNSA programs in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Program Office (NN), including the following:

Global Threat Reduction Program (GTR)

  • Second Line of Defense - Core (SLD)
  • Second Line of Defense - Megaports
  • Materials Protection Control and Accountability (MPC&A)
  • Offsite-Source Recovery (OSRP)

Nonproliferation and Security Technologies Program (NST)

  • Highly Enriched Uranium Transparency
  • Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP)
  • Language Resources

N-3 leads the readiness and deployment of nuclear monitoring and physical security systems and technology to reduce the threat of global nuclear proliferation and to protect national security. N-3’s mission also supports efforts to identify, prevent, convert, control, recover, and return radioactive sources and sources that contain special nuclear materials (SNM), thereby removing domestic and international threat risks for these programs.

Overarching Goals:

  • Evaluate and deploy nuclear material monitoring and physical security systems that provide readiness and international implementation of MPC&A and SLD technologies.
  • Evaluate and deploy domestic and international source recovery technologies
  • Design and deploy nuclear material and fuel cycle safeguards and security systems in the transparency application for HEU blend-down
  • Deliver project leadership and technical expertise for international projects by leading inter-laboratory initiatives for NNSA, providing deployed experts for technology deployment and assessment and source recovery, and providing language resource and international logistics support.
  • Provide project leadership for joint technology initiatives with international research institutes or groups as sanctioned by NNSA
  • Build cross-program and project technology integration, development, and training to better support GTR and NST programs and the N-division mission in eliminating global nuclear threats
International Threat Reduction Group


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