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Nuclear Nonproliferation: N-1

Russian/FSU Program Support

The Language Resource Team maintains a comprehensive directory of Russian Federation institutes, enterprises, and federal organizations, including contact information. Other services include:

  1. information on tax exemptions for Russian organizations;
  2. creating official letters to support tax exemption status;
  3. tracking deliverables/activities;
  4. arranging for printing/publication of materials;
  5. organizing logistical arrangements for meetings in Russia/FSU, including hotel and travel;
  6. providing cultural training/mentoring for Russian program participants.


The Language Resource Team provides Russian/English, English/Russian interpretation for meetings, teleconferences, and videoconferences, as well as translation into either language for written communications. This includes creating and printing Russian/English business cards. In addition, the Language Resource Team maintains a freelance multi-lingual work force of interpreters and translators in other languages, such as German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, etc. Portable equipment for simultaneous interpretation is also available.



Major publications and translations:

A Review of Criticality Accidents

English/Russian Glossary of Terminology for Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting

MultiCal, Version 4.1 User Manual

PC/FRAM, Version 4.5 User Manual

INCC Version 1.0x Users Manual

Fuel Cells - Green Power

Quick Project Management
Fast Start for Projects

People at the "Site" (Stories about the founders of VNIIEF)

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