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October 2013

  • Materials science and engineering excellence: Alexander and Lienert named ASM International Fellows
  • From David's Desk
  • Rate-dependent deformation mechanisms in beryllium
  • Modeling void growth in polycrystalline materials
  • Herrera and Rittman earn honors at 2013 Student Symposium
  • Heads UP!
  • Celebrating service

August 2013

  • High-strength automotive steel: Los Alamos partners in $1.2 million clean-energy manufacturing project
  • Richard Hoagland named MRS fellow
  • Radiation stability of novel crystalline ceramic waste forms
  • Characterization of the oxidation kinetics of uranium dioxide at elevated temperatures
  • Low enriched uranium foils meet all nuclear reactor performance goals
  • Celebrating service
  • Heads Up! At the MSL, hummingbird home protected from construction traffic

June 2013

  • Tom Lienert: Stoking welding science to new heights
  • From David's Desk
  • Views of the Review
  • MST-6's Gibbs earns AISI Finalist Medal for research benefitting development of high strength steels
  • MST employees receive Pollution Prevention Awards
  • Atomistic modeling featured in journal's 2012 best papers compilation
  • Celebrating service
  • New small sample transport proves successful
  • Remaining safety aware
  • Heads UP!

March 2013

  • John Dunwoody: Engineering a new R&D lab for nuclear fuels
  • From Dan's Desk
  • Predicting failure in polycrystalline materials
  • Bimetallic nanolaminar composites
  • Two-year study reveals how PVDF micro-porous hollow fibers age
  • Heavy-fermion compound article flagged as one of the best of the year
  • Heads UP!

January 2013

  • Jian Wang: Developing the blueprint for tomorrow's super materials
  • From David's Desk
  • Researchers demonstrate hot-pressing of LiTaO3 ferroelectic ceramic with high density
  • New explorations in the effect of temperature on grain boundary structure and mechanical properties
  • Contreras elected president of American Glovebox Society
  • Los Alamos scientists inventory electron source for vacuum electronics industry
  • Anderoglu and Nelson recognized with DOE R & D excellence awards
  • Heads Up!

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