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December 2011

  • American Ceramic Society honors Dane Spearing
  • Understanding the complex phase diagram of uranium
  • From Jim's Desk
  • Fuel cell technology and the puzzle of nonprecious group metal catalysts
  • Proton radiography for process-aware solidification studies
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November 2011

  • New apparatus conducts novel controlled-bulge test
  • From Ross's Desk
  • MST researcher co-authors book chapter on nuclear energy
  • Nanotomography x-ray microscope brings new capability to MST-7
  • Band-gap engineering for removing shallow traps in rare-earth Lu3AI5O garnet scintillators using Ga3+ doping
  • Job Satisfaction Survey
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October 2011

  • Ellen Cerreta: Discovering the secrets of failure in metals
  • From David's Desk
  • Are nanoporous materials radiation resistant?
  • Burgardt named 2011 American Welding Society Fellow
  • MST-8 researchers contribute to JOM special issue
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September 2011

  • Field, Korzekwa named ASM Fellows
  • Welch leads online video chat with high school science students
  • U and Xe transport in UO2±x Density functional theory calculations
  • Effects of grain size and boundary structure on the dynamic tensile response of copper
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August 2011

  • New equipment enhances Laboratory's materials capacity
  • From Dave's Desk
  • Two novel mechanisms of deformation twinning in face-centered-cubic metals
  • Using advanced characterization techniques to probe damage evolution
  • Condensed matter physics conference features plenary talk by Gray
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July 2011

  • James Gallegos: Smooth operator
  • Electron irradiations on nuclear energy fuel cycle waste forms
  • Using SMARTS to map residual stresses in a model dissimilar metal weld
  • Synchrotron studies of plutonium alloys and plutonium hydrides
  • Rusty Gray shares metallurgical wisdom at NSF workshop
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June 2011

  • Views of the Review: 2011 Materials Capability Review
  • From Wendy's Desk
  • Small-scale experiments support materials strength and damage modeling
  • Multi-scale study of the role of microstructure in the deformation behavior of hexagonal materials
  • Fast Fourier transform based modeling determines micromechanical fields in polycrystals
  • Dynamic tensile extrusion of zirconium and the role of texture
  • Focus on materials for energy in this year's Summer Lecture Series
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May 2011

  • Materials Capability Review draws near
  • From Wendy's desk
  • Bulk nanolamellar multilayer composites fabricated via severe plastic deformation
  • Comparing quasi-static and dynamic deformation behavior in lightweight armor alloys
  • Atomistic mesoscale simulations of diffusion in UO2......
  • Annual LANL Recycle and Reuse Event to be held June 16
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April 2011

  • John Charles energized to improve electrical safety
  • From Deniece's desk
  • MST earns NNSA Pollution Prevention Award
  • Temperature dependence of lattice disorder in argon irradiated magnesia single crystals
  • Growth of defects on inertial confinement fusion capsules
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  • MST has strong showing at TMS annual meeting

March 2011

  • Tome accomplishments honored at symposium
  • Fuel Cycle Research and Development milestones achieved
  • Preparation of a dense, polycrystalline ceramic structure patented
  • LANL-made low enriched uranium foils selected for irradiation test
  • Teaming up to provide solutions
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February 2011

  • Ann Kelly characterized by a passion for metallography
  • From Jim's desk
  • Choudhury receives TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Award
  • High-energy x-rays available for materials studies
  • Characterization and stability of thin oxide films on plutonium surfaces
  • SMARTS examines irradiation-induced evolution of deformation mechanisms
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January 2011

  • Plutonium experiments conducted at Sandia's Z Accelerator Facility
  • From Ross's desk
  • Postdoctoral researcher recognized for poster at Los Alamos Postdoc Research Day
  • New fiber optic laboratory capability established
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