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December 2010

  • Paula Crawford: Experimental materials scientist on a mission
  • From Wendy's desk
  • A polycrystalline scintillator for nuclear material detection
  • In situ characterization of multiphase polymeric materials upon deformation
  • Novel three-dimensional imaging capabilities
  • Strength and damage behavior of plutonium measured
  • Heads Up!

November 2010

  • Jose 'Alfredo' Caro: Master materials scientist fills a strategic need at Los Alamos
  • From Dave's desk
  • Microstructure in the extreme environment
  • Hollis assists local companies for NM Small Business Assistance program
  • Electron backscattering diffraction enables serial number restoration
  • Heads Up!

September 2010

  • Ion Beam Materials Lab mimicks the Moon's surface in the basement
  • From Wendy and Anna's desks
  • Nuclear Clock Design Based on Thorium Nuclear Transition
  • Gray named to National Materials Advisory Board committee
  • Tome and Beyerlein co-author book on severe plastic deformation
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August 2010

  • Bryan Bennett: Innovative thinker probing the past, experimenting for the future
  • From Wendy's desk
  • Sandia and Los Alamos-developed technology helps capture solar energy
  • Hosemann receives Student Literary Award from American Nuclear Society
  • Automated confocal micro x-ray fluorescence instrument for three-dimensional elemental imaging
  • Restarting the Isotope Fuels Impact Tester
  • New MS Cookies & Tea coordinators take helm of seminar series
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July 2010

  • MST research aids New Mexico small business
  • Understanding and predicting dynamic damage processes
  • Researchers complete Plutonium Sustainment Program milestone for laser welding
  • Plutonium equation of state experiments under pressure at Advanced Photon Source
  • Teter takes on new MST leadership role
  • MST members recognized for pollution prevention efforts
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June 2010

  • From Wendy's desk
  • IAEA honors Hosemann with award for best poster by a young author
  • Distillation Test Station for energy savings in light hydrocarbon separation
  • Advance strain diagnostics applied to PBX 9501 high explosive/li>
  • Successful team effort on failure analysis supports NASA satellite missions
  • Ooey gooey materials workshop draws young girls to science
  • Laboratory's not-notch science, facilities focus of summer lecture series
  • Heads UP!: WSST Fest set for July 14

May 2010

  • Ricardo Lebensohn joins editorial board of the International Journal of Plasticity
  • Poster award for Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative research
  • From Deniece's desk
  • Nanoscale mechanical testing of ion beam irradiated materials
  • Target fabrication developments for Science Campaign experiments
  • Incorporation of high-Z elements within areogels and foams
  • Opacity experiments on the Sandia Z machine for weapon science applications
  • Characterization of copper-doped beryllium capsules using confocal micro x-ray fluorescence
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April 2010

  • Rusty Gray named president of TMS
  • From Wendy's desk
  • Kester Clarke recognized with best paper award
  • Jian Wang receives Los Alamos Distinguished Postdoctoral Award
  • Development of a magnetically driven target for thermonuclear burn studies
  • Lujan Center studies structural materials for nuclear applications and highly irradiated steels
  • Materials Capability Review
  • Heads UP!

March 2010

  • Christopher Taylor researches corrosion from the molecular perspective
  • Ricardo Lebensohn receives Humboldt Research Award for senior U.S. scientists
  • Solution to function behavior of stretched molecular hydrogen
  • Understanding twinning nucleation in hexagonal-close-packed crystals

February 2010

  • From Jack's desk
  • Amy Clarke selected as a Young Leader International Scholar
  • Scott Lillard selected as NACE Fellow
  • Controlled synthesis of self-assembled nanotubes with rectangular cross sections
  • Kaschner teaches graduate-level class at National Security Education Center
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