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Polymers and Coatings (MST-7)

Dominic S. Peterson (Dom)

Voice: (505) 665-3320
Email: dominicp@lanl.gov

Research Interests

My personal research has always utilized polymeric materials for analytical applications. At Los Alamos, much of my research has focused on separations science, which in recent years has focused on the separation of radioactive analytes including the actinides, polonium, strontium, yittrium, etc.  Many of these separations have focused on developing LC columns for automated separation of these analytes.  More recently, I have merged my interests in polymer science with the separation of actinides to develop polymer ligand films.  In this technique, an extractive functionality is incorporated into a polymer surface to enable extraction, pre-concentration, and separation of radioactive analytes directly onto a surface.  I also maintain a strong interest in microfluidic technology and in a variety of mass spectrometry techniques including ICP-MS, MALDI, and ESI. I have also applied a variety of techniques to studying nuclear forensics including method development and signature discovery.

My current team focus on fundamental and applied polymer research including understanding how polymeric materials age. We apply a variety of analytical methods to understand the properties and behavior of polymers including mechanical testing, load testing, NMR, spectroscopic methods, and thermal methods. When combined with aging of materials at extreme conditions (usually high temperature or in radiation fields), we can understand how these materials will perform in the future.


Ph.D. in ChemistryNew Mexico Institute of  Mining and TechnologyMay, 2001
M.S. in Chemistry New Mexico Institute of  Mining and TechnologyMay, 1999
B.S. in ChemistryNew Mexico Institute of  Mining and TechnologyMay, 1997


10/10 to Present

Team Leader, Polymer & Coatings Group (MST-7), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Material Science & Technology Division

7/03 to 10/10                       
Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Chemistry Division

5/01 to 7/03     
Visiting Chemist Post Doctoral Fellow,  Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley  (Fréchet Group)

List of Publications

Scientific Highlights

Research Highlight on Polymer Ligand Films

Research Highlight on Rapid Separation of Actinides

Research Highlight on Analysis of Nuclear Powders

Research Highlight on Polymer Bismuth Bricks for Shielding Gamma Spectrometrs

TRU waste reduction in TA-55 analytical chemistry operations

March 2011

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