Los Alamos National Laboratory
Metallurgy (MST-6)

High energy density welding technologies and equipment

  • 2 - 150 kV, 7.5 kW high-voltage electron beam welders (recently upgraded with control system and CNC capability) one has a large 125 ft3 chamber, the other has a smaller 36 ft3 chamber
  • 1000 W Nd:YAG laser, pulsed 3-axis motion, processing of SNM
  • 500 W Nd:YAG pulsed laser for drilling/welding
  • 6 kW fiber laser, fully integrated with both a 5-axis workstation and a rotary drum station (CW, can be pulse modulated)
  • 3.3 kW CW diode pumped Nd:YAG laser
  • 2.2 kW CW diode pumped Nd:YAG laser, fully integrated with 5-axis motion
  • 2 - Laser markers
  • Beam profiling and diagnostic tools (Enhance Modified Faraday cups for EBW, Laser beam profiling/diagnostics equipment for LBW)

Brazing and soldering equipment and technologies

  • Vacuum furnaces with tungsten elements
  • Patented infrared brazing using non-imaging optics
  • Resistance and electron beam brazing
  • Brazing of metal-graphite combinations
  • Characterization of brazing alloy wettability
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Glass to metal joining/sealing
  • Ceramic package sealing
  • Development of "active" brazing alloys
  • Metal package sealing
  • Active filler alloy brazing
  • Superplastic forming /Diffusion bondings


Process modeling and analysis capabilities and developments

  • SYSWELD modeling capability
  • ABAQUS based weld modeling capability
  • Weld Metal Flow modeling capability

Arc equipment

  • Standard and pulsed GMAW, and GTAW with cold and hot wire
  • AMET Gas Metal Arc Welding Systems with Advent Controllers
  • Plasma arc cutting
  • Micro-TIG, Micro-Plasma
  • Lincoln System 35 GMAW robotic weld cell with rotary axis
  • Weld logic tube welding station

Other welding equipment

  • MTI 90B inertia friction welder
  • FSW machine with data acquisition on spindle for temperature and strain
  • Resistance welding equipment ranging from a 100W-s micro-resistance power supply to 100KVA power supply.

Other capabilities

  • Design of experiments
  • Expertise in welding or encapsulating nuclear materials
  • The ability to weld refractory materials
  • Laser-based weld vision system
  • High-speed video and IR video
  • Hyperbaric chamber capability
  • Data acquisition system capable of measuring up to 16 channels of strain/temperature/voltage at rates up to 1Mhz
  • Process-based quality assurance
  • Process and equipment selection optimization and implementation
  • Gleeble™ thermal-mechanical simulator with 10-ton force load frame
  • Characterization of weld and HAZ cracking sensitivity
  • Welding materials selection
  • Consumables development and evaluation

Team background

Five Scientists whose international recognition is manifested as follows: Fellow of the American Welding Society (AWS), United States Delegate for Commission IV (Power Beam Processes) for the International Institute of Welding, United States Vice-Delegate for Commission IX (Behavior of Metals Subjected to Welding) for the International Institute of Welding, Board of Directors for AWS, Friction Welding Committee Chair for AWS, Active in the Conference Organization for Technical Papers Committee for AWS, High-Energy Beam Density Committee Chair for AWS, Chair for Brazing Subcommittee for AWS.

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