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Welding and Joining (W&J)

The Welding and Joining Team of MST-6 consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers, knowledgeable in the fundamentals of material weldability, solidification principles, defect formation, arc physics, laser optics, and energy beam principles. More specifically, the Welding and Joining Team comprises leaders in the field of welding science and engineering. At present, it has five full-time scientists and eight full-time research technicians/technologists. In addition to the diverse background of the scientists, each team member has gained expertise in at least one of the cornerstones of welding engineering, i.e., welding metallurgy/materials science, weld processes, weld design and modeling, and process control/automation. The Welding and Joining Team scientists have applied research and development experience in welding metallurgy, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, welding processes and automation, weld modeling, and failure analysis. The Welding and Joining Team provides results-oriented, practical welding and joining solutions through technical assistance, research, consultancy, and training.

The MST-6 Welding and Joining Team is the largest precision welding and materials joining group in the Department of Energy's weapons complex. Its specialists are solution-providers using theoretical techniques in conjunction with applied research and development techniques to assist others with their joining challenges. The team is dedicated to providing quality service using proven techniques to ensure quality results that meet or exceed expectations.

The Welding and Joining Team acts as an extension of your organization's engineering expertise, allowing it to leverage resources. The team provides organizations with support for all welding and joining processes and can assist with process selection as well as the implementation and development of optimum welding systems/procedures. Its problem-solvers work closely with your organization to define project goals and tailor the project to meet specific needs. The Welding and Joining Team provides a wide range of equipment (from multi-kilowatt electron beam and laser beam welding systems to micro-TIG welding systems) and experienced staff to develop welding applications and resolve problems, using unique tools for productivity enhancement.

With its combined expertise in the areas of materials, welding processes and engineering, the Welding and Joining Team has the ability to address all aspects of welding, repair, or maintenance operations. Team members have an in-depth understanding of welding processes, their relationship with structures and materials, and with weld process automation.

The team has the skills and capabilities to explain and predict the performance of structural materials, weld metals, and welded structures and, using this capability, to predict the performance of welded designs and various material combinations.

The Welding and Joining Team, together with MST-6’s technical teams, is able to evaluate your product and your production process, and make the needed recommendations to solve problems, implement new methods or processes, and help you meet your production, quality, and cost goals. The team maintains a broad-range facility for conducting applied research, industrial application development, training, and troubleshooting. More about our specific technologies and equipment

Daniel Javernick, Team Leader

  • John Bernal
  • Carl Cross
  • Andrew Duffield
  • Matthew Dvornak
  • Stephen (Greg) Gravener
  • Cameron Knapp
  • Thomas Lienert
  • Jacob Sutton
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