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About The MST-6 Sigma Complex

The original and enduring mission of the Sigma Complex focuses on prototype fabrication and materials research for the nuclear weapons program. Over the years, however, this mission has expanded to include threat reduction and homeland security activities.

Today, the Sigma Complex supports a large, multidisciplinary materials technology base. Research and development activities include a synergistic blend of metallurgy and ceramics focused on the integration of synthesis and processing, characterization, and fabrication combined with fundamental computer modeling and process simulation.

These extensive capabilities reflect significant investments in metal casting; thermomechanical processing; electrochemistry; powder processing; sol gel synthesis and colloidal processing;laser and microwave processing; process modeling; and microstructural, mechanical, and thermophysical properties characterization.

The Sigma Complex is unique at the Laboratory—and perhaps within the United States—because this capability investment provides a highly integrated approach where materials can be processed on a large scale from the raw state to a final product. In this facility ceramists and metallurgists work with engineers and physicists to solve mutual problems and to extend understanding of materials processes and applications.

Highly qualified personnel and capability investments have maintained state-of-the art technology to create a responsive infrastructure that can quickly respond to customers’ needs. The facility is ideally suited for rapid turnaround of small lot production and prototype development. Severalcollaborations between Los Alamos and other Department of Energy (DOE) complex sites utilize Sigma’s unique capabilities to solve design and production issues across the nuclear weapons programs. For example, Los Alamos is assisting Y-12 with welding and casting development to improve production quality and efficiencies.

Our unique machining capabilities are routinely used by customers throughout the Laboratory and the DOE complex. The expertise within Sigma is regularly used to evaluate materials issues for providing input to re-use/remanufacture decisions and to develop alternative materials and processing methods for the nuclear weapons programs. To learn more...

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