Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nuclear Materials Science (MST-16)

Metallography and Microscopy

The Metallography Team operates and maintains a modern metallographic sample preparation and analysis laboratory that is capable of handling a wide range of actinide materials for both scientific and production missions. Capabilities include: cutting, grinding, and polishing, optical metallography and microscopy, grain-size analysis, X-ray diffraction (powder and single-crystal), and micro-hardness testing. These capabilities are used to support a myriad of programs and projecting such as Basic Actinide Science and Research, Pit Manufacturing, Pit Surveillance, Nuclear Fuels Research and Development, and the Isotopic Fuels Impact Tester (IFIT).

microstructure characterization
Microstructure Characterization

Team Leader, David Pugmire

  • Ronald Allen
  • Fred Hampel
  • Ray Martinez
  • Angelique Neuman
  • Troy Nothwang
  • Brett Robinson
  • Joseph Romero
  • Amy Ross
  • Fritz Sandoval
  • Alice Smith
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