Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nuclear Materials Science (MST-16)
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About Nuclear Materials Science (MST-16)

Our mission is to provide

  • Multidisciplinary expertise in actinide materials science using a comprehensive suite of destructive and nondestructive analytical techniques within a category I nuclear facility; and
  • The characterization of new and aged pit construction materials, the development of technologies for advanced actinide materials analysis, and the performance of actinide materials science investigations.

Nuclear Materials teams

Multidisciplinary expertise

The group's multidisciplinary expertise comprises the core actinide materials science and metallurgical capability within the nuclear weapons production and surveillance communities. Destructive and nondestructive analysis of weapons material is performed by the six MST-16 materials science team

The evaluations performed by MST-16 are essential for the Nuclear Weapons Program as well as nuclear materials storage, forensics, and actinide fundamental science.

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