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 Superconductivity Technology Center - working with STC

Superconductivity in the Park: Working with STC

Our goal is to boost commercialization of superconductive wire and related technology to better meet the energy Work at the  Superconductivity Technology Center needs of the nation. For example, replacing oil-cooled copper lines with nitrogen-cooled superconducting lines would boost the electrical transmission capacity three to five times, improving the nation's energy system while protecting the environment and helping the economy.

Industrial, national lab, and university partners are invited to join collaborations with Superconductivity Technology Center (STC) researchers to  Working with the  Superconductivity Technology Centercommercialize high-temperature superconducting (HTS) technology.

The STC provides process and characterization facilities at the Los Alamos Research Park for developing long length HTS tapes. Our 10,000 square foot facility includes 4 fabrication labs, 3 high technology superconducting application labs, and 14 offices. HTS tapes can be fully characterized and prototype applications tested within the facility.

Equipment includes reel-to-reel systems for electropolishing the tapes, an Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) e-beam chamber, and a Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) chamber (powered by a 200-W excimer laser). Combined, the equipment will allow for continuous processing of up to 100-meter lengths of superconducting tapes.

 Working with the  Superconductivity Technology CenterCompanies can now lease space in the Los Alamos Research Park, use the labs, send employees to work with Lab researchers, and keep their trade secrets confidential. They can even use their own formulas and measure superconducting properties on site at the Research Park.

To initiate work with STC in the Park, contact:
Dean Peterson, dpeterson@lanl.gov or Jeff Willis, jwillis@lanl.gov

 Superconductivity Technology Center at Research Park





The Los Alamos Research Park is a new 44-acre development located directly across from the main technical area of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Laboratory will develop a presence in the park for collaborative work in some of its most cutting edge research including superconducting materials, fuel cells, high performance computing, modeling, and biotechnologies. The Park will provide space for housing collaborative efforts among corporate, academic, and institutional R&D staff and Los Alamos researchers as well as for those organizations desiring to enhance their competitive edge by locating in one of the most technically advanced communities in the nation.

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