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U. S. Patent #6,743,292, 6/1/04
Oriented conductive oxide electrodes on SiO2/Si and glass
Q. Jia and P. N. Arendt (MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,716,545, 4/6/04
High temperature superconducting composite conductors
T. G. Holesinger, S. R. Foltyn, P. N. Arendt, J. R. Groves, Q. Jia, A. Ayala (MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,656,390, 12/2/03
Preparation of energy storage materials
L. S. Li and Q. Jia (MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,624,122, 9/23/03
High critical current superconducting tapes
T. G. Holesinger, Q. Jia, S. R. Foltyn (all MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,602,588, 8/5/03
Superconducting structure including mixed rare earth barium-copper compositions
C. Kwon; Q. Jia and S. R. Foltyn (MST-STC); J. L. Smith, E. J. Peterson, and W. L. Hults (MST-6)

U. S. Patent #6,589,457, 7/8/03
Polymer-assisted aqueous deposition of metal oxide films
D. Li, Q. Jia (MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,541,136, 4/1/03
Superconducting structure
C. Kwon, Q. Jia, and S. R. Foltyn (MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,511,943, 1/28/03
Synthesis of magnesium diboride by magnesium vapor infiltration process (MVIP)
A. C. Serquis, MST-STC; Y. T. Zhu, MST-STC; F. M. Mueller, MST-STC; D. E. Peterson,
MST-STC; and X. Z. Liao, MST-STC

U. S. Patent #6,508,959
, 1/21/03
Preparation of energy storage materials
L. S. Li and Q. Jia (MST-STC)

U. S. Patent #6,476,413, 11/5/02
High temperature superconducting Josephson junctions and SQUIDs
Q. Jia (MST-STC), X. D. Wu, S. A. Foltyn (MST-STC), and D. W. Reagor (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent #6,452,375, 9/17/02
Apparatus for measurement of critical current in superconductive tapes
Y. J. Coulter (MST-STC) and R. DePaula (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,444,336
, 9/3/02
Thin film dielectric composite materials
Q. Jia (MST-STC), B. J. Gibbons (MST-STC), A. T. Findikoglu (MST-STC), and B. H. Park

U.S. Patent #6,383,989, 5/7/02
Architecture for high critical current superconducting tapes
Q. Jia (MST-STC) and S. R. Foltyn (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,312,819, 11/6/01
Oriented conductive oxide electrodes on SiO2/Si and glass
Q. Jia (MST-STC) and P. Arendt (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,263,189, 7/17/01
Narrowband high temperature superconducting receiver for low frequency radio waves
D. Reagor (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,216,020, 4/10/01
Localized electrical fine tuning of passive microwave and redio frequency devices
A. T. Findikoglu (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,197,129
, 3/6/01
Method for producing ultrafine-grained materials using repetitive corrugation and straigntening
Y. T. Zhu (MST-STC), T. C. Lowe, H. Jiang, J. Huang

U.S. Patent # 6,195,870
, 3/6/01
Compressive annealing of superconductive tapes
Y. T. Zhu (MST-STC), P. S. Baldonado, J. F. Bingert (MST-6), T. G. Holesinger (MST-6), D. E. Peterson (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,045,932
, 4/4/00
Formation of nonlinear delectric films for electrically tunable microwave devices
Q. Jia (MST-STC) and A. Findikoglu (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 6,033,773, 3/7/00
Polar self-assembled thin films for non-linear optical materials
X. Yang, B. Swanson, and D. Li (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 5,912,068, 6/15/99
Epitaxial oxides on amorphous SiO2 on single crystal silicon
Q. Jia (MST-STC)

U.S. Patent # 5,872,080, 2/16/99
High temperature superconducting thick films
P. N. Arendt (MST-STC), X. D. Wu, S. R. Foltyn (MST-STC)

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