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Superconductivity Technology Center - superconductivity sites on the web

SuperConductivity Sites on the Web


Argonne National Laboratory Superconductivity Site
A brief overview of Argonne's HTS program. Their techniques link gives more details of their program.

National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST)
Information on low temperature measurements used in the Electromagnetics Division of NIST for superconducting and microelectronic materials.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Superconductivity Site
A single page outlining the HTS program efforts at NREL.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Superconductivity Site
A site with lots of information. To find the status of the current ORNL program look at their presentations link which gives their peer review PDF files. Their facilities page gives not only their facilities, but their uses in HTS research.

US Department of Energy and its Superconductivity Site
For a view of the wide range of DOE HTS activities we suggest you go to the Superconductivity site – click on the Partnership page and then open the PDF file listed on that page.


American Superconductor Corporation

Oxford Superconducting Technology

Superconductor Technologies, Inc.

SuperPower, Inc.


Superconductivity-Related Consortia

Electric Power Research Institute

Coalition for the Commerical Applications of Superconductivity

International Energy Agency HTS Committee


Iowa State University, High Tc Update


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Florida State University, Applied Superconductivity Center

Florida State University, Center for Advanced Power Systems

University of Houston

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Superconductivity Technology Center



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