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Exploring technology at STC

Superconductivity Technology Center (STC)

The Superconductivity Technology Center (STC) coordinates a multidisciplinary program for research, development, and technology transfer in the area of high-temperature superconductivity. Our focus is on effective collaborations with American industry, universities, and other national laboratories to develop electric power and electronic device applications of high-temperature superconductors (HTS).

Outstanding scientific research projects underpin our international leadership position and provide the basis for technical advances. Applied research and development efforts include powder synthesis, tape/coil processing, thin/thick film deposition, characterization of microstructural and superconducting properties, power cryogenic engineering, and prototype devices.

Current projects conducted in collaboration with industry include development of tapes, fault current limiters, and power transmission cables based on HTS materials. Individuals from several Los Alamos organizations are a part of this team effort to evolve this exciting technology.

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