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 Superconductivity Technology Center - HTS Research

HTS Physics

This research activity consists of two efforts concerned with a fundamental understanding of high temperature superconducting (HTS) materials. While all of the team efforts at Los Alamos have a basic research component related to their specific activity, the two efforts described here are broad based and cover materials used in many of the team efforts.

The characterization of HTS materials is performed using electron microscopy. This effort looks at features such as the microstructures of processed materials. By looking at the microstructures one can correlate the performance with processing. For example, by obtaining micrographs of coated conductors one can devise strategies for optimizing the current density Jc of these tapes.

The physics research on HTS materials is concerned with a fundamental understanding of their properties. This effort looks at the fundamental issues effecting superconductivity in all HTS materials. An example of this is the study of magnetic vortices in coated conductors (YBCO tapes). Generally, the motion of magnetic vortices leads to voltages and power loss that must be prevented by vortex pinning. The various vortices that occur in these tapes and how they may be pinned is just one example of the research performed by the STC physics team.

 Superconductivity Technology Center



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