Hydrogen Sensor Workshop REPORT
Wednesday April 4th, 2007
Doubletree Hotel Washington DC

Hosted by LANL and Co-hosted by LLNL
for the DOE Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program

Purpose: to draft technical requirements and targets for hydrogen safety sensors

Workshop Report:

A one-day, interactive, participatory workshop with approximately 50 experts from industry, government, national laboratories, and universities.

We led off the workshop with technical briefings on Today's Commercial Hydrogen Sensors, Standards Issues related to Hydrogen Gas Detection Systems, NFPA 52 Hydrogen Sensor Placement Requirements, and the Committee Draft of the ISO TC197 WG13 on Hydrogen Detectors

We then heard from a panel of end-users (Proton Energy Systems, NASA, Plug Power, UTRC, Chevron, and Ford) on the application requirements related to hydrogen safety and sensing.

During the working lunch, participants had an opportunity to present slides on their hydrogen sensing technology. In addition, UTRC provided a copy of their final report on sensor development.

The attendees then participated in breakout sessions to develop draft technical requirements and performance targets for hydrogen sensors. The results of the breakouts are included below:

- Fuel Producer/Supplier Environment Report
- End-user Environment Report

If you have questions about the technical content of the workshop, please contact Cathy Padro (LANL), Fernando Garzon (LANL) or Bob Glass (LLNL).



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