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Cathy Padró

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Leorrie Atencio

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P.O. Box 1663
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Mahlon Wilson demonstrates his technique for our DOE Technology Managers


Our Partnerships

Federal Agencies
Our research is supported by a number of offices and programs within the Department of Energy. This diversity of sponsorship is evidence of the importance of materials science and technology in many fields.

Industry works with us through a number of mechanisms, the most important being the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). For example, we have a very productive collaboration with Mesoscopic Devices for the development of mixed reactant direct methanol fuel cells. Additional information on working with us may be found by clicking here.

National Laboratories
We also work closely with other National Laboratories to leverage capabilities. Collaborative research between DOE National Laboratories and other federally-funded research entities are very important to our programs. Excellent examples include our collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory on MEA imaging/characterization by SEM/TEM and bipolar plate corrosion/durability, our joint project on hydrogen safety sensor development with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, our collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on alternative polymer electrolyte membranes, our collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on the development of a Best Practices web-based database for hydrogen safety, our collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory on a "fast start" fuel processor, and our collaboration with NIST using quasi elastic neutron scattering for materials characterization.

Colleges, Universities, & Technical Institutes
Perhaps most important to achieving our goals are our collaborations with universities and technology institutes across the US and around the world. Through these efforts, we provide support and leadership to our sponsors' broad research programs, and hands-on training for scientists from our collaborating institutions. A link to our academic partners is available by clicking here.

Our work is supported by several offices within the US Department of Energy (DOE):

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE):

Our fuel cell research and our international hydrogen efforts are supported by the DOE/EERE Office of Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies. Fuel cells are an important enabling technology for the hydrogen economy and have the potential to revolutionize the way we power our nation and world. LANL is working closely with DOE, other national laboratories, universities, and industry partners to overcome critical technical barriers to hydrogen and fuel cell commercialization. We also work with international groups to develop performance-based codes, standards, and regulations for the safe use of hydrogen and fuel cells in our energy systems.

Electricity Distribution and Energy Reliability (EDER):

The Distributed Energy Program supports our research efforts in the development of NOx sensors.

Office of Science:

Basic Energy Sciences funds our research on fundamentals of hydroxide conducting systems for fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Office of Fossil Energy:

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) provides funding for our diesel reforming research. The objective of this project is to develop technology suitable for onboard reforming of diesel fuel for transportation solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) auxiliary power units.

NETL also provides funding for the development of an acoustic sensor for natural gas pipeline monitoring. The technique involves the use of Lamb wave propagation in the wall of a pipe generated in a stand-off manner for defect detection.

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