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Group Leader:
Cathy Padró

Group Office:
Leorrie Atencio

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1663
Mailstop D429
Los Alamos, NM

TA 3 Bldg 40
TA 46 Bldgs 16&58

Internal Only

Brian Crone working in the glove box



Electronic Materials & Devices Team

For over a decade, the EMD team has worked with organic electronic materials and devices using a theory-fabrication-measurement approach. Research areas include condensed matter theory and experimentation, quantum chemistry, device fabrication, optical spectroscopy, and device physics and modeling. Our work has produced a better understanding of how organic light emitting diodes work, and in particular in the understanding of the processes controlling charge injection and transport.

MPA-11 Members: Brian Crone, Ian Campbell.
LANL Collaborators: Rich Martin (T-12), Darryl Smith (T-11)

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