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Materials Matter

October 2011

in this edition of Materials Matter:

  • From David's desk
  • Gang Wu: Getting a charge out of exploring new avenues to clean, renewable energy
  • Making metamaterials with sound waves in five minutes or less
  • MPA research selected as PRB editor's suggestion
  • Heads up!

August 2011 (pdf)
In this edition of Materials Matter:

  • From Toni's desk
  • NHMFL-PFF and LANL retake pulsed magnetic field lead in quest for 100T
  • MPA scientists win two R&D 100 awards
  • Thermal tunability in terahertz metamaterial achieved on strontium titanate single crystals
  • CeIrIn5 research captures attention in global scientific journal
  • LANL fuel cell research cited by FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership for eighth year in a row
  • Tour allows elementary students to feel the pull of magnet science
  • From Mark's Desk
  • Heads up! Resetting a 15A or 20A, 120V electrical circuit breaker

June 2011 (pdf)
In this edition of Materials Matter:

  • From David's desk
  • Jennifer Hollingsworth: Connecting the dots through collaboration
  • Resonance-stabilized anion exchange polymer electrolytes
  • Nanolayered composites suppress irradiation hardening
  • MPA chemists invited to contribute to two international journals devoted to high-impact actinide science
  • Laboratory's materials physics researchers give invited talks at American Physical Society meeting
  • From Ken's Desk
  • Heads up!

April 2011 (pdf)
In this edition of Materials Matter:

  • From Toni's desk
  • Ross McDonald: Aiming for the heart of the matter
  • Tuning the resonance in high-temperature superconducting terahertz metamaterials
  • Paper among top 25 from Institute of Physics celebration of 100 years of superconductivity
  • Lovejoy appointed Reines Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Nastasi named 2011 Materials Research Society Fellow
  • Dayeh receives postdoctoral distinguished performance award
  • From David's Desk
  • Heads Up: Providing solutions
  • Meeting planning services available

February 2011 (pdf)
In this edition of Materials Matter:

  • From David's desk
  • NHMFL coaxes new discoveries from topological insulators
  • Postdoctoral researchers receive awards at Los Alamos Postdoc Research Day
  • Tunable ultrafast extreme ultraviolet source for photoemission spectroscopy
  • Pressure-induced superconductivity near the antiferromagnetic quantum critical point of CePt2In7
  • Time-resolved three-dimensional molecular tracking in live cells
  • McCleskey chosen as Materials Chemistry Group Leader
  • From Cathy's desk
  • Heads UP!

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