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Materials Matter

December 2014
In this issue:

  • Mary Elizabeth Phipps: Intrepidly exploring new research frontiers through nature-inspired nanoscience
  • From Toni's Desk
  • From Quanxi?s Desk
  • Janoschek receives Wolfram-Prandl Prize for neutron scattering research
  • Electrical contacts to the metallic phase of MoS2 enhance performance of ultrathin electronics
  • Novel noise-based probe demonstrated at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • Sinha and SFAI team win Feynman Innovation Prize
  • Sandberg to help steer LCLS x-ray laser user program
  • Heads UP!
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-14-29149

September 2014
In this issue:

  • Rod Borup: Championing durability through advanced materials for hydrogen cars
  • From Toni's Desk
  • From Rick's Desk
  • Zelenay joins ranks of Electrochemical Society Fellows
  • Kiplinger garners F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry
  • Novel Los Alamos-invented tools enable breakthrough tracking of single molecules in live cells
  • Los Alamos scientists present extensive review of Bose-Einstein condensation in quantum magnets
  • Heads UP!
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-14-27485

July 2014
In this issue:

  • R. Dean Taylor: Celebrating 60 years of materials science research
  • From David's Desk
  • From Jeff's Desk
  • Solving scientific problems the Mossbauer way
  • Measuring the emergence of superconductivity
  • Durakiewicz selected as program director for condensed matter physics at NSF
  • Celebrating service
  • A farewell to David Morris
  • Heads UP!
  • LA-UR-14-25980

May 2014
In this issue:

  • Congratulations! Awards recognize MPA scientists for distinguished mentoring, research
  • From David's Desk
  • From Mike's Desk
  • Opening a new frontier in fabricating bulk nano-laminate composite materials for extreme environments
  • Invited article reviews advances in thin film actinide materials and theory
  • Graphene oxide films developed for a range of technical applications
  • Flipping the switch on magnetism in strontium titanate
  • Heads UP! P2 recipients recognized for environmental successes.
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-14-23864

March 2014
In this issue:

  • Doan Nguyen: Rolling out ultrahigh field magnets that cool faster and last longer
  • From Toni's Desk
  • From Kristin's Desk
  • Building reduced graphene oxide thin films as ultrabarriers for organic electronics
  • Celebrating service
  • First in situ x-ray images of void collapse pave way for better models of explosives
  • Jia selected as a new Materials Research Society Fellow
  • Crooker honored as Optical Society of America Fellow
  • Heads Up! Taking charge of electricity usage.
  • ADEPS Environmental Action Plan for FY14
  • LA-UR-14-22080

January 2014
In this issue:

  • Enkeleda Dervishi: Exploring world-changing opportunities through nanoscale science
  • From David's Desk
  • From Andrew's Desk
  • Nan Li to receive TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Award
  • Coherent diffractive imaging featured in JOM and at TMS 2013
  • Lab scientists offer their point of view on materials prediction
  • Dynamic, single-molecule fluorescence imaging of cellulases on crystalline cellulose
  • Heads UP!
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-14-20052

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