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Thermal Properties

Thermal Properties

Marcelo Jaime – Capability Leader

Yoshimitsu Kohama
Oscar Ayala-Valenzuela
Scott Baily

Description of Capabilities

The team's research focuses on field (H) and temperature (T)-dependent specific heat Cp(H,T), magnetocaloric effect MCE(H), thermal conductivity κ(H,T), and Seebeck effect S(H,T) of solid samples. Both AC and DC techniques have recently been developed to carry on experiments in the T = 0.3 K to 100K temperature range, in magnetic fields up to H = 20T in a superconducting magnet, up to 36T in resistive magnets, up to 45T in a hybrid magnet, and up to 55T in mid (250 milliseconds) and long (3 seconds) pulsed magnets. Typically, the available techniques are applicable to strongly correlated electron systems, actinides, superconducting, organic compounds and magnetic systems, both metallic and insulating. Sample dimensions and mass requirements vary depending on the materials properties, but 0.1-2 mg, 0.1-2 mm wide, plate-like samples are best suited for Cp(H,T) and MCE(H) experiments. Thin bar-shaped, 1-3mm long, samples are best for k(H,T) and S(H,T).

Thermal Properties graph

Thermal Properties

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