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Magnet Engineering

Magnet Science and Engineering

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Description of Capabilities

The MPA-CMMS operates the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Pulsed Magnetic Field Facility in conjunction with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The NSF charge to the laboratory is to make available the highest magnetic fields for scientific research, and to develop the related technologies to advance high field magnet science for the future.

The MPA-CMMS Magnet Engineering Group’s focus is the development of high-field pulsed magnets for the NSF User Science Program. NSF program responsibilities include development, maintenance, and upgrade of magnets to be powered by the 1.4 GVA generator system as well as the development of short pulse magnets powered by capacitor banks. The most notable achievements for the Pulsed Field Facility are: (1) sustained 85 Tesla pulsed magnet operations, (2) the 60 Tesla Long Pulse Magnet System, (3) sustained 70 T to 75 T short pulsed magnet operations using a single-circuit 1.5 MJ capacitor bank system, and (4) 65 T user magnet operations.

Development of high-field pulsed magnets entails the integration of state-of-the-art materials and production processes within an electromagnetic design to limit mechanical stress and strain to achieve acceptable reliability. Pulsed magnets are engineered to operate at the physical extremes with timescales as short as 10-20 ms. During a pulse temperature excursions can range from 75 K to 400 K and mechanical strains can exceed 1.25%. These physical conditions present significant materials science challenges to produce high-strength reinforcements, high-strength high-conductivity conductors suitable for reliable operations. The group has extensive experience developing and characterizing high-strength conductor and composites for this application. Notable materials presently in use are Zylon composite reinforcement technology, MP35N alloy reinforcement, and Cu-Nb nano-composite conductors. Development and production of these materials have entailed extensive collaboration with industry and other international agencies.

The group’s magnet design engineering and production capability has also been successfully applied to external and internal laboratory collaborations.

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Magnet Engineering

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