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Inside Los Alamos National LaboratoryInternational, Space and Response (ISR)
Vision Mission Values Goals & Strategies

Goals & Strategies

Goal 1: Establish and sustain a high-quality work environment that supports and rewards employees in fulfilling our mission and responding to new challenges.

Strategy 1-1: Manage the ISR programmatic portfolio, ensuring a balance of basic research and programmatic deliverables that provide opportunities for challenging and interesting work.
Strategy 1-2: Provide clear and timely information to employees and the requisite resources to conduct all work safely, securely and responsibly.
Strategy 1-3: Provide appropriate work spaces suitable for our technical activities now and in the future.
Strategy 1-4: Attract, develop and retain a diverse, talented workforce.
Strategy 1-5: Ensure adequate resource margin within projects to support facility and staff development needs and avoid employee burnout.
Strategy 1-6: Ensure effective communications to sustain sense of inclusion within the division.
Strategy 1-7: Align division activities with defined division values.

Goal 2: Become the preferred provider to the national security community for International, Space, and Response solutions.

Strategy 2-1: Build stronger partnerships with the National Security Community.
Strategy 2-2: Become the national science and technology resource for measuring, understanding, and responding to man-made threats and natural events in the terrestrial, atmosphere and space environments.



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