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HPC  Salishan Conference

Salishan 2012

Theme: 2015 Petascale Systems: Next Steps

Keynote Address: DOE's Plan for Exascale Computing, Bill Harrod, DOE/Office of Science; ThucHoang, DOE/NNSA-ASC

Session 1: Computing at Scale: how are we doing at mixing Big Data with traditional Parallel Scientific Computing?

  • Where is coherency needed?  Can we mix High Throughput and Data-intensive computing with traditional Parallel Scientific Computing on large HPC systems?, Ilene Carpenter, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Big iron for big data and other unnatural acts, Steve Plimpton, Sandia National Laboratories
  • The Interdependence of Data, Modeling, Simulation and Analytics in the Exascale Era, James Sexton, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
  • Data Analysis and Data Intensive Computing at LLNL, Daniel Laney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Session 2: Error Avoidance, Detection and Recovery

Working Dinner/Speaker

Session 3: Application/Machine Hierarchy

Session 4: Performance and Portability on Low Power Processors

  • Processing Nearer to Memory, J. Thomas Pawlowski, Chief Technologist & Micron Fellow, Micron
  • Improving Permeability in System Architecture, Doug Carmean, Intel Fellow and Director of the Efficient Computing Lab, Intel Corporation
  • Towards High Performance Computing Application Energy Efficiency, James H. Laros, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Nanophotonic Interconnection Networks for System Wide Performance-Energy Optimized Computing, Keren Bergman, Columbia University

Session 5: Experiences and Lessons learned with New Architectures

  • Tracking the Effects of Technology and Architecture on Energy through the Top500, Green500, and Graph500, Peter Kogge, University of Notre Dame
  • Effective performance of K computer in Life Science Applications, Ryutaro Himeno, Next Generation Computational Science Program, RIKEN
  • Peta-scale GPU applications on TSUBAME 2.0, Takayuki Aoki, Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Aggressively Applying Lessons from the Cell Processor to Emerging Exascale Computing Technologies, Paul R. Woodward, Laboratory for Computational Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota


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