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Roadrunner 2008 Tutorials

An Introduction to Roadrunner and the Cell Processor, LA-UR-08-2818, C. Wright, P. Henning, B. Bergen (2/7/08)(.pdf)

Cell Broadband Engine Architecture and Programming, LA-UR-08-2820, C. Wright (2/25/08)(.pdf)

IBM Software Deveopment Kit for Multicore Acceleration, LA-UR-08-2819, C. Wright (3/6/08)(.pdf)

Programming Techniques for Moving Scientific Simulation Codes to Roadrunner, P. Woodward, J. Jayaraj, P-H Lin, and D. Porter, Laboratory for Computational Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota (3/12/09)(.pdf)

Hybrid Programming: DaCS and ALF Examples, LA-UR-08-2817, C. Wright (3/26/08)(.pdf)

Big Science Meets the Bathtub Curve, LA-UR-08-2566, John T. Daly (4/23/08)(.pdf)

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