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Hands-On Roadrunner Programming

Space is limited, so please register for this course by sending email to sriram@lanl.gov.


Course Name: Hands-on Roadrunner Programming
Contact:  Sriram Swaminarayan (sriram@lanl.gov)

Level: Intermediate

Date:     1/27/2009 - 2/12/2009
Days:     Tue, Wed, & Thursday
Time:     1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Cost:     free
Location: To Be Announced


  • basic knowledge of MPI
  • basic knowledge of C
  • comfortable with C pointers
  • knowledge of how to compile and run C codes

Target audience:
  • Researchers interested in moving codes to Roadrunner
  • Sriram Swaminarayan
  • Tim Kelley
  • Ben Bergen
  • Marcus Daniels
  • Cornell Wright (IBM)

This is the second of a series of courses to be offered on programming Roadrunner at various levels. This class is intended as an introduction to Roadrunner programming with hands-on programming experience. The topics that will be covered are: Introduction to Roadrunner-like systems at LANL, tools required for building codes, process launch, data movement, algorithm adaptation, performance analysis, optimization techniques, and advanced performance analysis.  There will be two debugging tutorials describing basic and advanced debugging techniques.  The course consists of six lectures, consisting of an initial 40 minute session where the instructor teaches the techniques to be covered and describes the example that will be used to illustrate the technique.  This will be followed by a 40 minute hands-on programming session where the students practice the techniques illustrated on the machine. 

NB: Descriptions, discussions, and examples will be in C.  While much of the information applies to Fortran, Fortran won't be used in the course.

NB2: Space is limited, so please register for this course by sending email to sriram@lanl.gov.

Hands-on Roadrunner Programming course syllabus

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