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Custom, state-of-the-art scientific software

Providing Scientific and Engineering Software Solutions

“Writing code isn’t the problem.  Understanding the problem is the problem is a typical issue faced by professional software engineers. HPC-1 staff members are a diverse group of Software Engineers with engineering backgrounds in software, chemical, civil, computer design, electrical, industrial, mechanical and nuclear engineering, and/or scientific degrees in physics, cognition, computer science, mathematics, statistics  and management information systems.  The strength gained through this diversity helps us assure our customers that the “right software is being built”and that the “software is being built right”.


HPC-1 provides Software Engineering solutions to a variety of customers at LANL. The projects are varied in nature and scope. HPC-1 Software Engineers are able to provide expertise in both the areas of the software product (the code) and also the process by which the code is developed (including project management, managing requirements, configuration management, testing, etc).

HPC-1 strives to meet customer requirements by delivering high quality solutions on-time and within budget.

Learn about some of our projects here: HPC-1 Projects


To see how HPC-1 can help you meet your programic goals call our group office at 665-4613 to arrange a meeting.

Custom, state-of-the-art scientific software