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Integrated Geosystems Team

POC: Frank Perry


CarbonSeqThe Integrated Geosystems team has broad expertise in geosciences, environmental sciences, natural hazards, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. These capabilities are applied to solving problems of national importance including geologic radioactive waste disposal and environmental remediation, alternative energy development, carbon management and geologic sequestration, and climate change impacts on natural and human systems. We integrate many of these capabilities through geospatial, infrastructure, and integrated assessment modeling, from the individual water basin scale to the more regional scale, to understand, for example, how future energy-related projects will impact carbon emissions and the use of natural resources such as water and land.
Many of our projects are related to either the siting or site remediation of critical energy, security or environmental facilities. Examples include geologic and natural hazard assessment related to siting of nuclear waste repositories and mixed waste storage facilities and siting and optimization of infrastructure for large-scale carbon sequestration. New initiatives center on understanding how physical constraints on water, carbon emissions and land use influence future energy development at the regional scale.


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