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Research Highlights


Jolante van Wijk

Geophysics (Director's Funded Postdoc)

Research Projects

  • Geodynamic Models of Continental Lithosphere Extension and Mantle Flow
  • Rio Grande Rift
  • Gravity study of the East African Rift System
  • 3-D modeling of Deformation Near Oceanic Ridge Discontinuities
  • Oblique Rifting and Formation of Segmented Rifts
  • Yucca Mountain Tunnel Deformation
  • Continental Break-up of the North Atlantic
  • Southwestern US Geology
  • West Antarctic Rift System



  • 505 606 1704 - Phone
  • 505-667-8487 - FAX



  • Lawrence, J.F., J.W. van Wijk and N.W. Driscoll, Tectonic implications for uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains, 10th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences Proceedings, p. 1-4. (LAUR-07-3273)
  • van Wijk, J.W. and D.K. Blackman, Development of En-echelon magmatic segments along oblique spreading ridges, Geology 35, 599-602, DOI:10.1130/G23294.
  • Meyer, R., J.W. van Wijk and L. Gernigon, The North Atlantic Igneous Province: a review of models for its formation. Geological Society of America Special Paper 430 "The origins of melting anomalies: plumes, plates and planetary processes", Foulger, G.R. and D.M. Jurdy, editors. (LAUR-06-8405)
  • Cloetingh, S., Ziegler, P.A., Beekman, F., Andriessen, P.A.M., Hardebol, N., van Wijk, J., and Dezes, P., Thermo-mechanical controls on Alpine deformation of NW Europe, Geological Society London Memoirs 32, 113-127.
  • Van Wijk, J.W., Role of weak zone orientation in continental lithosphere extension, Geophysical Research Letters, 32, DOI:10.1029/2004GL022192. (Abstract)
  • Van Wijk, J.W. and D.K. Blackman, Dynamics of continental rift propagation: the end-member modes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 229, 247-258. (External PDF Link)
  • Van Wijk, J.W. and D.K. Blackman, Deformation of oceanic lithosphere near slow-spreading ridge discontinuities, Tectonophysics 407, 211-225. (PDF File)
  • Van Wijk, J.W., R. Van Der Meer and S.A.P.L. Cloetingh, Crustal thickening in an extensional regime: application to the mid-Norwegian V¯ring margin, Tectonophysics 387, 217-228. (Abstract Link)
  • Corti, G., J.W. Van Wijk, M. Bonini, D. Sokoutis, S. Cloetingh, F. Innocenti and P. Manetti, Transition from continental break-up to punctiform seafloor spreading: how fast, symmetric and magmatic, Geophysical Research Letters 30, 10.1029/2003GL017374. (External PDF Link)
  • Van Wijk, J.W. and S.A.P.L. Cloetingh, Basin migration caused by slow lithospheric extension, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 198, 275-288. (PDF File)
  • Pascal, C., J.W. Van Wijk, S.A.P.L. Cloetingh and G.R. Davies, Effect of lithosphere thickness heterogeneities in controlling rift localization: numerical modeling of the Oslo Graben, Geophysical Research Letters 29, 10.1029/2001GL014354. (External PDF Link)
  • Van Wijk, J.W., R.S. Huismans, M. Ter Voorde and S.A.P.L. Cloetingh, Melt generation at volcanic continental margins: no need for a mantle plume? Geophysical Research Letters 28, 3995-3998. (Abstract Link)
  • Van Wijk, J.W., R. Govers and K.P. Furlong, Three-dimensional thermal modeling of the California upper mantle; a slab window vs. stalled slab, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 186, 175-186. (Link)


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