James A. Ten Cate

Earth and Environmental Sciences Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, NM 87545
Phone - (505) 665-6667
FAX - (505) 672-1953

Technical Skills Details

Experience Details

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nonlinear Geophysics. Work primarily of an experimental nature designed to uncover and exploit the highly nonlinear properties of rock.
Applied Research Laboratories
Seismo-Acoustics, Acoustical Oceanography and some Shallow Water Reverberation. Worked primarily on analysis of geo-acoustic waves and conversion of ocean/acoustic waves to seafloor/interface waves. Also took part in sea experiments designed to assess the directional characteristics of an array of geophones on the seafloor.
Applied Research Laboratories and The University of Texas at Austin
Nonlinear Ultrasonics. Worked on experiments designed to study to interaction of nonlinear ultrasonic waves in water; also performed computer simulations with a powerful new model of nonlinear wave propagation and interaction; designed, built, and performed ultrasonic experiments using a computer-controlled motion/data acquisition system.
Calvin College
Teaching and Research. Taught Introductory Physics, Introduction to Physics and Astronomy, Digital Electronics, Electronics for Scientists and Engineers. Also filled in as Director of the Observatory.
Cavin College
Solid State Researcher. Performed experiments which measured the electrical properties of high purity rare earth metals Eu and Yb near their melting temperature under high vacuum.