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Research Highlights


Aviva J. Sussman

Geophysicist / Structural Geologist

Aviva on Pike's Peak


Research Interests

  • Tectonic Development of Fold-Thrust Belts (Sevier, Pyrenees, Andes) & Rift Zones (Rio Grande)
  • Plateau Uplift
  • Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Fractures
  • Rotational Deformation
  • Science Education


Programmatic Work

  • Ground-based Visual Observations associated with the CTBT
  • Containment Geology
  • Interagency Geotechnical Assessment Team


Education and Outreach

  • Earthwatch Institute
  • Los Alamos Earth and Space Science Academy
  • Expanding Your Horizons



  • spring (at) lanl.gov


Selected Publications

  • Coblentz, D., Libarkin, J.C., Chase, C.G., and Sussman, A.J., 2007, Paleolithospheric Structure Revealed by Geoid Anomalies, Tectonophysics.
  • Shackelton, R., Cooke, M.L., and Sussman, A.J., 2005, Evidence for temporally changing mechanical stratigraphy and effects on joint-network architecture, Geology, n.2, pp101-104.
  • Sussman, A.J., Butler, R.F., Dinarès, J., and Vergés, J., 2004, Vertical-axis rotation of a foreland fold: an example from the southern Pyrenees. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v.218, pp.435-449.
  • E.L. Pueyo, A. Pocoví, H. Millán, and Sussman, A.J., 2004, Map-view models for correcting and calculating shortening estimates in rotated thrust fronts using paleomagnetic data, GSA Special Paper 383, edited by Sussman, A.J. and Weil, A.B., pp. 57-72.
  • Sussman, A.J.,2004, Rotación del vertical-eje del anticlinal de Oliana, Geotemas,v.6, n.3, pp.598-601.
  • Weil, A.B. and Sussman, A.J., 2004, Oroclines, Progressive Oroclines and Primary Arcs: Integrating paleomagnetic and structural analyses. GSA Special Paper 383, edited by Sussman, A.J. and Weil, A.B., pp 1-16.
  • Chase, C.G., Libarkin, J.L. and Sussman, A.J., 2002, Colorado Plateau: Geoid and means of isostatic support: Geophysical Journal International, v. 44, p. 575-587
  • Mitra, G. and Sussman, A.J., 1997: Structural evolution of Connecting Splay Duplexes and their implications for critical taper: an example based on geometry and kinematics of the Canyon Range culmination, Sevier Belt, central Utah, J. Struct Geol v.19, n.3-4, p.506-521.
  • Lawton,T.F.; Sprinkel, D.A; Decelles,P.G; Mitra,G.; Sussman, A.J. and Weiss,M.P., 1997: Stratigraphy and structure of the Sevier thrust belt and proximal foreland-basin system in central Utah; a transect from the Sevier Desert to the Wasatch Plateau. In: Mesozoic to Recent geology of Utah.Link, P. K., and Kowallis, B.J., eds. Brigham Young University Geology Studies. 42, Part 2; Pages 33-67.

Summary of relative rotations in the Bandlier Tuff
on the western flank of the Rio Grande Rift in Northern New Mexico.
Research funded by IGPP.


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