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Research Highlights


Mónica Maceira

Post-Doc - Seismology

Monica's Picture

Current Research Interests

  • Inverse Modeling
  • Seismic Tomography
  • Surface-waves Studies to Estimate Earth Structure
  • Seismic Discrimination (Nuclear Explosion Monitoring)
  • Earthquake Seismology: modeling moderate-size earthquakes as well as larger and more complicated ones; estimation of faulting geometry; spatio-temporal rupture processes


  • 505-667-2404 - Phone


  • Ph.D., Geophysics - The Pennsylvania State University (August, 2006)
  • M.S., Geophysics, Earth & Atmospheric Science Department, St. Louis University, Missouri (January, 2000)
  • B.S., Physics, (Física de la Tierra y del Cosmos) Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain (June 1996)

Selected Publications

  • "Faulting Parameters of the September 25, 1998 Pymatuning, Pennsylvania Earthquake". Maceira, M., Ammon, C.J., and Herrmann, R.B.. Seismological Research Letters, V71, No 6, 742-752, 2000. - 1 MB PDF File
  • "High Resolution Rayleigh Wave Slowness Tomography of Central Asia". M. Maceira, S.R. Taylor, C.J. Ammon, X. Yang, and A.A. Velasco. J. Geophys. Research., Vol. 110, No. B6, B06304, doi:10.1029/2004JB003429, 2005. - 5.9 MB PDF File


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