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Research Highlights


Ward Hawkins



Point-of-contact for Los Alamos projects in support of the Environmental Management efforts of the DOE Nevada Field Office (DOE/NV). Charter member of DOE/NV's Earth Science Advisory Panel. Serve on the DOE/NV Technical Working Group for the Underground Test Areas Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study.

Responsible for the development of detailed hydrogeologic site characterizations of emplacement sites for underground containment of nuclear explosions at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Plan, direct and monitor drilling, sampling, geophysical logging and hydrologic testing operations. Integrate and compile geologic, geophysical and hydrologic data, from the surface and subsurface, into a prospectus which also addresses engineering and experiment concerns. Interactions with other national laboratories, the US Geological Survey and NTS support contractors. As Containment Scientist make formal presentations to DOE's Containment Evaluation Panel.

Participant in the Hydrology Resources Management Program for the DOE/NV. Participated in several other projects requiring geotechnical field operations including: Technical Manager for the Hot Dry Rock geothermal drilling and completion operations, member of the on-site inspection team for drilling and borehole sampling for the Threshold Test Ban Treaty in the US and in the USSR, Continental Scientific Drilling Program, and MX deep basing project.

Project Leader for Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty/Research and Development for On-Site Inspection.

Have held several group level administrative positions. Responsible for employee performance appraisals. Have an active DOE "Q" clearance.

Activities & Hobbies

  • Soccer (playing and coaching), fishing, softball, skiing


  • 505-667-5835 - Phone
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • P. O. Box 1663, MS F665
  • TA-03 Building 43 Room A319
  • Los Alamos, NM 87545


  • June 1979 - Present: LANL, Section Leader, Containment Scientist
  • Nov 1977 - June 1979: Fenix & Scisson, Inc, Nevada Test Site, Group Leader - Los Alamos Geologic Support Group


  • Credential in Ground Water Science, Ohio State University, 1993
  • B.S., Geology, Mackey School of Mines, University of Nevada-Reno, 1977

Professional Development

  • Short Courses: Well Log Interpretation - Schlumberger
  • Technical Writing - Shipley and Associates
  • Structural Geology - AAPG
  • Seismic Interpretation - Institute for Energy Development
  • High Tech. Computer Methods in Pet. Explor. - Aangstrom Precision
  • High Temp. Drilling and Completion - Geothermal Resources Council
  • Applied Drilling Concepts - Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Surface & Borehole Geophys. Methods and Grnd Wtr Instr. - NWWA
  • Fundamentals of Groundwater Contamination - Geragherty & Miller
  • Waste Site Geologic Characterization - American Inst of Hydrology
  • Hazardous Waste Ops & Emerg Response/40hr - General Physic Corp
  • Theory and Application of Vadose Zone Sampling - NWWA
  • Principles of Ground Water Hydrology - NWWA


Selected Publications

Hawkins, Ward L., Oliver, Ronald D., Lavelle, Morgan J., 1989, Borehole Inspection System for Large Diameter Holes, The Log Analyst, Vol. 30, No. 1, Jan. - Feb., 1989, pp 26 - 30.

Hawkins, Ward L., Cavazos, Anne P. and Thompson, Peter H., Geologic and Hydrologic Investigations at the ALEMAN (U3kz) Site, and Other Sites in Yucca Flat, the Nevada Test Site, Proceedings: Fourth Symposium on Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 21-23, 1987, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory CONF-870961, v. 2, Clifford Olsen, Compiler, pp 18 - 26.

Hawkins, W. L., Mathews, M. A., Thompson, P. H., Jenkins, K., Wireline Sidewall Coring, Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Borehole Geophysics for Minerals, Geotechnical, and Groundwater Applications, October 2-5, 1989, Las Vegas, NV., Vol. I, pp 307-316.

Hawkins, Ward L., Trudeau, Douglas A., and Mihevc, Todd M., Hydrologic Testing in UE4T, Yucca Flat, the Nevada Test Site, Presentation at Fifth Symposium on Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions, Santa Barbara, California, September 19-21, 1989. LA-CP-89-368.

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