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Research Highlights


Christopher R. Bradley

Geophysicist - Seismologist


  • 505-665-6713 - Phone

Research Interests

  • Seismic Verification
  • Numerical Modeling of Anelastic Wave Propagation and Strong-to-Seismic Coupling
  • Signal Processing


  • Ph.D., Marine Geophysics, M.I.T and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1994
  • B.S., Geology (Mathematics Minor), University of New Mexico


  • Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined)
  • Elected Student Representative to the MIT/WHOI Education Council
  • Conoco Fellowship
  • Geothermal Resources Council Best Paper Award


  • 1997 - Present, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Technical Staff Member
  • 1996 - 1997, Nambe Geophysical Incorporated, Consulting Geophysicist
  • 1994 - 1996, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, Postdoctoral Research
  • 1988-1993, MIT/Wood's Hole, Graduate Research Assistant
  • 1986, University of Utah, Teaching Assistant - Exploration Seismology and Linear Systems


Selected Publications

Bradley, C.R. and Stephen, R.A., 1993, Three dimensional modeling of low angle seismo-acoustic backscatter: J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 93, p.2322.

Stephen, R. A. and Bradley, C. R., 1996, Optimum beams and three-dimensional modeling of elastic wave propagation: MIT-ERL 10th Annual Founding Members Workshop, Woodstock, Vermont.

Bradley, C. R. and Stephen, R.A., 1996, Modeling of seafloor wave propagation and acoustic scattering in 3-D heterogeneous media: J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 100, no. 1, p.225-236.

Bradley, C.R., Stephen, R.A., Dorman, L. M., and Orcutt, J. A., 1997, Very low- frequency (0.2 - 10.0 Hz) seismo-acoustic noise below the seafloor: J. of Geophys. Res., 102, p. 11703-11718

Bradley, C.R., House, L., Fehler, M., Pearson, J., TenCate, J., Wiley, R., Numerical and measured data from the 3D Salt canopy physical modeling project, Expanded Abstracts, 67th Annual Exposition, p. 1-4, 1997.

Jones, E.M., Bradley, C.R., App, F.N., Bos, R.J., Patton, H.J., 1998, Modeling seismic propagation effects from large scale structural features in western China, LA- UR-97-4186, Los Alamos Manuscript, p. 1-97.

Bradley, C.R. and Jones, E.M., 1998, Modeling propagation effects from explosions in western China and India, published in 20th Annual Research Symposium on Monitoring a CTBT., LA-UR-98-2417, Los Alamos Manuscript, p. 1-9.

Bradley, C.R., and Day, S.M., Elastic Coarse-Graining of Memory Variables: Memory efficient Q simulation for finite difference methods. LA-UR-99-719

Day, S.M. and Bradley, C.R., Memory-efficient simulation of anelastic wave propagation: Bull. Seis. Soc. Am. 91, 3, p. 520-531, 2001

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