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Research Highlights


Douglas Alde



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Research Experience Highlights

10/96 - Present Staff   Member, EES-Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Developed state-of-the-art Kirchhoff migration codes for DOE Oil and Gas imaging projects
  • Investigation of long-range seismic propagation to identify Hard Deeply-Buried Targets (bunkers)
  • Analysis and writing for Dike/Drift AMR in the Yucca Mountain Project
  • Analysis of acoustic data from small unmanned aircraft for their detection and characterization for Homeland Security project
  • Analysis of data from DHS funded Critical Infrastructure Protection and Decision Support System project

5/95 - 10/96   Owner/Consultant, Pojoaque Scientific Associates, Santa Fe, NM, Scientific Consultant, Sumner and Associates, Santa Fe, NM

  • Analyzed backscatter LIDAR data to determine wind velocities in the atmospheric boundary layer, P-Division
  • Developed tomographic imaging codes for HDR projects, EES-Division
  • Developed massively parallel reflection-seismic imaging codes, EES-Division

4/83 - 5/95   Staff Member, AT/P-Divisions, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Highly prolific studies of exotic mesons, M o, the reaction, π - -> M on, at 30, 38, 100, and 230 GeV/c at IHEP (Serpukhov) and CERN
  • Highly cited studies of quark structure in nuclei through the measurement of di-muon production from protons on nuclei at 800 GeV/c at Fermilab (E772 and E789)
  • Developed simulation codes for particle identification in the E605 Cerenkov detector
  • Studied quantum key distribution (quantum cryptography) through the transmission of entangled photons through light fibers

7/79 - 3/83   Research Associate, Columbia University

  • Studied weak interaction physics in the reaction, µHe 3 -> νHe 3, at threshold

6/74 - 6/79   Research Assistant, University of Illinois

  • Studied weak nuclear force through the study of parity non-nonservation in proton-nucleon scattering at 15 MeV/c and 6 GeV/c


  • Ph.D., Physics, 1979 University of Illinois. Dissertation Advisor: Professor Hans Frauenfelder, Search for Parity Non-Conservation in Polarized Proton-Nucleon Scattering at 6 GeV/c
  • M.S., Physics, 1973 University of Illinois
  • B.S., Physics, 1971 The Johns Hopkins University

Selected Publications

  • Alde, D., et.al., "Determining the optimally smoothed slowness model for ray-tracing based migration using multiple-valued travel-time tables", 72nd Ann. Internat. Mtg: Soc. of Expl. Geophys., Expanded Abstracts, Session: MIG 2.8. 2002.
  • Alde, D., et.al., "Comparison of Images of the Marmousi Model for Ray-Tracing Based Kirchhoff Migration Using Single- and Multiple-Valued Travel-Times, Amplitudes, and KMAH Phases", 73rd Ann. Internat. Mtg: Soc. of Expl. Geophys., Expanded Abstracts, Session: SI P1.9. 2003.
  • Hughes, R. J., D. M. Alde, P. Dyer, G. G. Luther, G. L. Morgan, "Quantum Cryptography," Contemporary Phys., 36 (3), 149-163 (1995). [70 citations in SciSearch]
  • Alde, D. M., et.al, "A Dependence of J/PSI and PSI' Production at 800 GeV/c", Phys. Rev. Lett., 66 (2), 133-136 (1991). [177 citations]
  • Alde, D. M., et.al, "Nuclear-dependence of Dimuon Production at 800 GeV", Phys. Rev. Lett., 64 (21), 2479-2482 (1990). [223 citations]
  • Alde, D., et.al, "Production of G(1590) in 300 GeV Central Pi-N Collisions", Phys. Lett. B, 201 (1), 160-164 (1988). [50 citations]

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