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Research Highlights


Other Research in Geophysics

Active Projects

  On-Site Inspection for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)

  Regional Seismicity Surveillance and Risk Assessment

  The Los Alamos Seismic Network (LASN)

  Planetary Exploration

  Exploring Beneath the Surface of Mars

Former Projects

  Electrical Properties of the Crust and Mantle

  Hot Dry Rock

  Programs included mining the heat from the hot rock found almost everywhere at some depth beneath the surface of the earth. This ability was conceived and developed at Los Alamos between the years of 1970 and 1996. Don Brown will be summarizing his work soon in book format.


  Don Brown of EES-17 also has been working on ceramicrete, a chemically bonded ceramic that has many uses from the treatment of hazardous waste to the creation of a variety of consumer products such as construction materials (bricks, blocks, roofing, tiles, road patch), structural materials requiring high compressive strength, and sealants and coatings. Ceramicrete also has dental and medical applications.

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