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Chemically Bonded Ceramic

Ceramicrete is a novel, versatile phosphate ceramic with many different applications, ranging from treatment of hazardous waste to the creation of a variety of consumer products such as construction materials (bricks, blocks, roofing, tiles, road patch), structural materials requiring high compressive strength, and sealants and coatings. Ceramicrete also has dental and medical applications.

Ceramicrete is formed by mixing magnesium oxide powder and soluble phosphate powder (common, low-cost materials) with water. The process is very similar to that for making concrete, using commercially available equipment that mixes the powder components into the binder. The wet material (binder, aggregates, and water mixture) can then be pumped, gunned, or sprayed, also with commercially available equipment. The resulting material is nonporous, with compressive strength higher than that of concrete.

For more information, contact Don Brown, geochemist with EES-11.

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