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Venue Information for XVII ICNEM - Cefalù

Conference Venue

This year's conference will be held at the Mayor's Hall, Sala delle Capriate Palazzo Municipale di Cefalù, in the historic city center. The address is Corso Ruggiero 139-90015, Cefalù.


Cefalù and Environs

Situated on the Gulf of Termini Imerese, roughly 50 kilometers from Palermo, Cefalù seems to be overshadowed by a mountain which looks not unlike a head. In fact, the name Cefalù is derived from the Greek Kephaloidion. Cefalù is an excellent tourist destination, just moments away from the most popular mountain resorts and yet to all intents and purposes it remains a port, with a characteristic harbor, crammed with small fishing boats.

Of ancient origins, Cefalù offers history, culture and art; as can be seen in the town's architectural monuments: Cefalù Cathedral, the Church of Maria Santissima della Catena, the ex Convent of St Caterina, the Mandralisca Museum and the Medieval Washhouse.

Among the events in the town: the Frottola (farm workers day), the Ninna a Mari and the Gioco delle Pignatte. A few kilometers away from the town one finds the Gibilmanna Sanctuary and the charming village of Gratteri. Delicacies to be tasted: sweet almond biscuits, salmon in honey and green peppercorns, and artichoke heart salad. (Text and image from italyTraveller.com.)



Upper-Range - The primary ICNEM hotel, the Cefalù Sea Palace, offers a Double Club garden view room at €144 /€180 (single/double). Included are breakfast, swimming pool, private beach, fitness center, car parking, and wi-fi. The daily rate for half board (dinner) is €30 per person without drinks. Rooms are being held until April 20.

To book, contact the Cefalù Sea Palace via e-mail, paying a 30% deposit at confirmation via bank transfer or with credit cards number and date of expiration, authorizing the hotel to take the indicated amount. The balance must be paid by June 1st, 2012.

Mid-Range - The Artemis Hotel (Italian language only), located near the beach and town center, is a a new hotel in a mid-20th century convent among some ancient ruins. For reference, prices for standard single/double room including breakfast for 1-7 July, 2011 were €105/€140. Rooms include breakfast, private bath, air conditioning, sound-proofing, LAN, and LCD TV. The website for the Artemis Hotel is in Italian only, but reservations may be made through booking.com or other websites.

Lower Cost - The Hotel Mediterraneo is a lower-cost lodging option near the Cefalù train station. For reference, prices for standard single/double room including breakfast for 1-7 July, 2011 were €65/€80. Included are air conditioning, free wi-fi, and satellite TV.


Airport Information

Palermo Punta Raisi Airport - Falcone-Borsellino Airport is 35 km west of Palermo near Cinisi; Cefalù is another 68 km east of Palermo.

Arrivals and ATMs are on the 1st and 2nd levels, information is on the 1st level, baggage claim is on the ground level, and the train is underground. View a map or plan of the airport.


Transportation to Palermo

Air - Connections may be made through Leonardo da Vinici International Airport in Rome (Aeroporti de Roma) and Palermo's Falcone Borsellino Airport.

Rail - Trains do connect Roma and Palermo. The trip takes about 10 hours and includes the ferry crossing. The rail from the Palermo airport to Cefalù takes about 2 hours with a change of train in Palermo and costs about €7. Read more in GoEurope and WikiTravel.

Bus - Busses also run from Rome to Palermo. While on Sicily, the frequent, inexpensive coaches of Interbus and AST offer a good way to get around. The bus from Palermo to Cefalù runs about €8.


Local Transportation Information

To get from the airport to Cefalù, take a combination of taxi, bus, and/or train or a private transfer van.

Taxi from Airport to Palermo - Palermo Stazione Centrale (Palermo Central Train Station) is approx. €45.

Bus from Airport to Palermo - The Prestia e Comande bus runs from the airport to Centrale every half hour, 6:30 AM to midnite, €6.10.

Train from Airport to Palermo - From the Punta Raisi Airport underground level to Palermo Stazione Centrale takes about one hour. The winter schedule shows two trains an hour, one near the top of the hour and the other about 20 minutes after the hour. Trains run from 5:54 AM to 10:05 PM (22:05) at €5.80. Note - Some trains run only Monday-Saturday, others only holidays and Sundays.

Train from Palermo to Cefalù - This one-hour train from runs approx one train per hour from 6 AM to 9 PM (21:00) for €6-8 euros. (All times are approximate.)

Private Transfer - From the airport to Cefalù direct costs €80 - €120 for 1-3 people. With some companies, the per person price goes down when more than 3 people are traveling together. Below are some companies that may provide transfers and other transportation and tour services.


Additional Information & Links

An excellent site to learn about touring Sicily is WikiTravel. Both Google and MapQuest provide good maps of the area.

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