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Research Highlights


Technical Publications in Wave Propagation & Seismic Imaging

Pg Travel Time Tomography in Eastern Asia, Lee K. Steck, W. Scott Phillips, Kevin Mackey, Charlotte Rowe, Kaz Fujita, Hans E. Hartse, Michael L. Begnaud, Richard Stead, LAUR 07-0156 (1.7 MB PDF File or 1.8 MB PNG File)

Modeling and Wave Propagation Studies, Mike Fehler, Haruo Sato, Tatsuhiko Saito, Masakazu Ohtake (HTML)

The Concept of Universality Class, Paul A. Johnson, James A. Ten Cate, Eric Smith, Robert A. Guyer, and Thomas J. Shankland (HTML)

Seismic Analysis of the August 12, 2000 Kursk Submarine Diaster in the Barents Sea, Terry C. Wallace, Keith D. Koper, Steven R. Taylor and Hans Hartse ( 908 KB PDF File)

Seismic Characterization of Tunnel Boring Machine Activity near Boston, MA, USA, R. J. Greaves, P. M. Roberts, C. G. Doll, L. K. Steck, et. al., LA-UR-99-5027 (HTML or PDF File)

The Crosswell Acoustic Surveying Project, LA-11157-MS, (5.7 MB PDF File)

Ten Cate, J.A., E. Smith L. W. Byers, and T.J. Shankland, Slow Dynamics Experiments in Solids with nonlinear Mesoscopic Elasticity, in Nonlinear Acoustics at the Turn of the Millennium: ISNA 15, W. Lauterborn and T. Kurz, eds., American Institute of Physics, Melville NY, pp. 303-306 (2000). (145 KB PDF File - Looking for this one.)

Xu, Y., T.J. Shankland, and A.G. Duba, Pressure Effect on Electrical Conductivity of mantle Olivine, . Interiors, 118, 149-161, (2000). (750 KB PDF File - Looking for this one, too!)


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