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Technical Publications in Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring


D. N. Anderson, W. R. Walter, D. K. Fagan, T. M. Mercier, and S. R. Taylor, Regional Multistation Discriminants: Magnitude, Distance, and Amplitude Corrections, and Sources of Error, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 99, No. 2A, pp. 794-808, April 2009, doi: 10.1785/0120080014 (PDF File - 892 KB)

D. N. Anderson, D. K. Fagan, M. A. Tinker, G. D. Kraft, and K. D. Hutchenson, A Mathematical Statistics Formulation of the Teleseismic Explosion Identification Problem with Multiple Discriminants Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 97, No. 5, pp. 1730-1741, October 2007, doi: 10.1785/0120060052 (PDF File - 614 KB)

Regional Coda Magnitude in Central Asia, W.S. Phillips, H.E. Hartse, and K.M. Mayeda, LA-UR-00-2559 (HTML or PDF File)

Amplitude Corrections for Regional Seismic Discriminants, Steven R. Taylor, Aaron A. Velasco, Hans E. Hartse, W. Scott Phillips, LA-UR-99-3040 (HTML)

Source and Path Corrections, Feature Selection, and Outlier Detection Applied to Regional Events from Asia, Hans E. Hartse, W.S. Phillips, G.E. Randall, and Steven R. Taylor (HTML)

The 16 August 1997 Novaya Zemlya Seismic Event as Viewed from GSN Stations KEV and KBS, Hans Hartse (HTML)

Visual inspection for CTBT verification, Hawkins W and Wohletz K, 1997, LA-13244-MS (2.7 MB PDF File)

A Procedure for Estimation of Source and Propagation Amplitude Corrections for Regional Seismic Discriminants, Steven R. Taylor and Hans E. Hartse, LA-UR-97-2017 (378 KB PDF File)

Integrated Verification Experiment Data Collected as Part of the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Region Program, T.A. Weaver, D.F. Baker, C.L. Edwards, and S.H. Freeman, LA-UR-93-3438 (6.1 MB PDF File)

Yield Estimation

Source Depth of Burial Experiment at Balapan, W.S. Phillips, D.C. Pearson, C.L. Edwards, D.F. Baker, and M.D. Denny (HTML)

Event Location

An automatic, adaptive algorithm for refining phase picks in large seismic data sets, Rowe, C.A., R.C. Aster, B.Borchers and C.J. Young, 2002, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Amer. 92: 1660-1674. (External Abstract)

The Use of Interstation P Wave Arrival Time differences to Account for Regional Path Variability, W. S. Phillips, C. A. Rowe, and L. K. Steck, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 32, L11301, DOI:10.1029/2005GL022558, 2005, LAUR-05-0649. (200 KM PDF File)

Pn Tomography and Location in Eurasia, Lee Steck, Scott Phillips, Charlotte Rowe, Michael Begnaud, Kevin Mackey, Kaz Fujita and Hans Hartse, LAUR 05-6407 (2.3 MB PDF File)

Pg Travel Time Tomography in Eastern Asia, Lee K. Steck, W. Scott Phillips, Kevin Mackey, Charlotte Rowe, Kaz Fujita, Hans E. Hartse, Michael L. Begnaud, Richard Stead, LAUR 07-0156 (1.7 MB PDF File)

Using Shear Wave Travel Time Correction Surfaces to Improve Regional Seismic Location in China, M. L. Begnaud, A. A.Velasco, and L. K. Steck, LA-UR-01-151 (HTML File)

Utilizing Results from InSAR to Develop Seismic Location Benchmarks and Implications for Seismic Source Studies, Michael L. Begnaud, Aaron A. Velasco, Lee K. Steck, LA-UR-00-3529 (HTML File)

The Effect of Secondary Arrivals on Regional Earthquake Locations, Michael Begnaud, Lee K. Steck and Aaron A. Velasco, LA-UR-00-265 (HTML)

Ground Truth Aftershock Locations in Tibet Using Results from InSAR, Aaron A. Velasco, Michael Begnaud and Lee K. Steck, LA-UR-99-5042 (HTML or PDF File)

Improving Regional Seismic Event Location in China, Lee K. Steck, Aaron A. Velasco, A. H. Cogbill, H. J. Patton, and W. S. Phillips, LA-UR 99-2976 (HTML)

Regional Seismic Event Location in Asia, Lee K. Steck and Allen H. Gogbill (HTML)

Source and Structural Calibration Studies in Central Asia Using CMT Earthquakes, Howard J. Patton and Laura E. Jones, LA-UR-96-2911 (17KB PDF File)


Regional Phase Amplitude Tomography for Seismic Verification, W. S. Phillips, H. E. Hartse, S. R. Taylor, A. A. Velasco, and G. E. Randall, LA-UR-99-635 (HTML)

High Resolution Surface Wave Dispersion Studies in China, Laura Jones and Howard Patton, LA-UR-97-2776 (264 KB PDF File)

Correcting Regional Seismic Discriminants For Path Effects In Western China, H. E. Hartse, R. A. Flores, and P. A. Johnson, LA-UR-97-1978 (502 KB PDF File)

Monitoring Mine Explosions

Aftershocks of an explosively induced mine collapse at White Pine, Michigan, Phillips, W.S., D.C. Pearson, X. Yang, and B.W. Stump, 1999 (2.0 MB PDF File)

Moment-Tensor Inversions of Single Cast Mining Cast Blasts, Xiaoning Yang, Brian W. Stump, and D. Craig Pearson, LA-UR-98-3881 (HTML)

'MineSeis' - A MATLAB GUI Program to Calculate Synthetic Seismograms from a Linear, Multi-shot Blast Source Model, Xiaoning Yang, George Randall, and D. Craig Pearson, LA-UR-98-3005 (HTML)

The Unique Source Mechanism of an Explosively Induced Mine Collapse, Xiaoning Yang, Brian W. Stump, and W. Scott Phillips, LA-UR-97-2645 ((HTML or 116 KB PDF File)

Azimuthal Variation of Radiation of Seismic Energy from Cast Blasts, D. Craig Pearson and Brian W. Stump, LA-UR-96-3784 (3.7 MB PDF File)

Quantification and Characterization of Regional Seismic Signals from Cast Blasting in Mines: A Linear Elastic Model, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Steven R. Taylor, and Brian W. Stump, LA-UR-96-3747 (3.7 MB PDF File)

A Study of Black Thunder Coal Mine: Study of Seismic Energy Generated by Large Scale Mine Blasting, Robert L. Martin, David Gross, D. Craig Pearson, Brian W. Stump, and David P. Anderson, LA-UR-96-3669 (4.4 MB PDF File)

Regional Observations of Mining Blasts by the GSETT-3 Seismic Monitoring System, Brian W. Stump and D. Craig Pearson, LA-UR-96-3634 (1.5 MB PDF File)

Source Moment Tensor Estimation of Surface Mining Blasts, Xiaoning Yang and Brian W. Stump, LA-UR-96-3012 (611 KB PDF File)

The White Pine Controlled Collapse Experiment, Scott Phillips, D. Craig Pearson, C.L. Edwards, and Brian W. Stump, LA-UR-96-2642 (5.2 MB PDF File)

Ground Motion Characterization of the Single Shot in a Mining Blast Array with the Close-in Seismic Data, Xiaoning Yang, and Brian W. Stump, LA-UR-95-923 (66 KB PDF File)

Ground-motion data from the small-scale explosive experiments conducted at the Grefco Perlite Mine near Socorro, New Mexico, C. L. Edwards, D. Craig Pearson, and Diane F. Baker, LA-UR-94-1003 (6.0 MB PDF File)

Explosion Effects

Pre- and post-event seismic reflection survey at the DIVIDER site, Nevada Test Site, Allen H. Cogbill and Steven R. Taylor, LA-UR-94-2962 (1.5 MB PDF File)

Delineation of Spall Zone from Pre/Post Shot Reflection Studies: Preliminary Results from Bexar, Steven R. Taylor, Allen H. Cogbill, and Thomas A. Weaver, LA-UR-92-1158 (1.5 MB PDF File)

Microquake Activity Associated with Underground Nuclear Testing at the Nevada Test Site, C. L. Edwards M. D. Harper, T. A. Weaver, D. J. Cash, J. M. Ray, E. F. Homuth, LA-8552-MS (1.6 MB PDF File)


Utilizing Large Integrated Data Sets for Regional Seismic Research in Asia, Aaron A. Velasco, Julio Aguilar-Chang, Hans E. Hartse, LA-UR-00-342 (HTML or PDF File)

Seismic Database in Support of Regional Monitoring Research in Asia, Julio Aguilar-Chang, Aaron A. Velasco, and Hans E. Hartse, LA-UR-99-3000 (HTML)

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