Amplitude Corrections for Regional Seismic Discriminants


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Tradeoff Surface for Lg

Example Output Plot for Selected Lg Model

We first perform a large-scale grid search for different values of steep drop, h, Qo, and g. This figure shows a slice through the grid-search volume for a given stress drop and h; illustrating the tradeoffs between Qo, and g. Moving clockwise from upper left: (UL) Site/Excitation Terms, (UR) examples of fit to spectrum, (MR) log Mo vs. mb scaling and fit, FMB and AMB are terms used to tie mb to log Mo, (LR) distance decay curve and fit, (LL) estimated corner frequencies for stress drop of 0.3 MPa (3 bar) compared to predicted for 0.1 and 10 MPa, (ML) Q versus frequency