Regional Seismic Event Location in Asia

Example PPC Surfaces

The figures in the left column show P-wave residuals for PIDC stations. Figures in the last two columns are P-wave residual surfaces for four nearly collocated NEIC stations. The data (residuals) are defined at the location of the seismic event from which they were derived (black squares). For figures in the second column, surfaces were constructed using a Baysian kriging algorithm (Shultz, et. al., 1998) with model and data correlations of 7°; and 5° respectively. Figures in the third column have surfaces generated in GMT by fitting block-median-filtered residuals (block = .25°) to a surface under tension using splines (Smith and Wessel, 1990). Note the general similarity between the maps of P-residuals for the four stations in the center column. In general, PIDC stations do not have enough available data to generate reasonable correction surfaces.


PIDC Stations

NEIC Stations

NEIC Stations

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