Seismic Database in Support of Regional Monitoring Research in Asia

Julio Aguilar-Chang, Aaron A. Velasco, and Hans E. Hartse
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Improved ability to locate, characterize, and discriminate small magnitude events recorded at regional distances.

- Earthquake catalogs
- Waveforms for reference and catalog events
- Travel-time tables and 2-D corrections surfaces
- Preliminary ground truth events
- Regional magnitude calibration
- Regional station information

Catalog Data Sources
USGS PDE1/1973 - 12/1989147,817 events
USGS EDR1/1990 - 1/1998 156,244 events
USGS Weekly PDE 2/1998 - 2/199921,561 events
pIDC REB 5/1993 - 11/1998   84,689 events
ISC 1/1986 - 12/1995  945,913 events

Waveform Data Source
Most waveforms were obtained from the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), Data Management Center (DMC).

- CSS 3.0 format
- Oracle RDBMS version 7.3.3
- Sun Solaris 2.5 platform

Processing Results
- 20 gigabytes of data
- 200 reference tables
- 400,000 distinct events
- 128,120 pointers to SAC waveform files
- 3.5 million regional amplitude measurements

Utility for Research
- Development of empirical propagation path corrections (PPCs) using earthquake catalogs within the database by Steck et. al.
- Development of amplitude corrections in 1-D and 2-D by Taylor et al. and Phillips et. al.

Introduction | Earthquake Catalogs | Propogation Path Correction Surfaces | Amplitude Corrections
Relational Database Concept and CSS 3.0 Schema | Conclusions